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Final words and conclusion


I think that for the money, Bitfenix is able to offer a product that is aesthetically pleasing. Now that doesn't mean it's perfect though. I have raised concerns about cable routing and also I have to add, the chassis isn't very sturdy. It however does look good, comes with a TG side panel and has good space and storage options. That in this price category is pretty unique. Current;y (if you can find them) the chassis will cost 59 USD, and in the EU depending on VAT and other variables roughly 49 EURO. Hey that's not expensive at all. And in fact I would not be surprised to see this chassis go down in price a tenner more. Storage wise you'll have plenty of options in the form of three SSDs and HDDs. You even get a 5.25" unit, here again the mounting is a little plastic/flimsy, but it gets the job done. The chassis itself is once again stylish and has been designed in a tasteful fashion but here again it feels a bit more  plastic than we have been used to from BitFinix, but granted .. that again is something quite normal in the price category. For its size this is a spacious and feature-rich product overall though, especially considering the more compact (201 x 437 x 465mm) design. The matte black design looks great with the red accent airflow mesh. The chassis is fairly tool free.


The Innards

The Nova TG offers enough room for pretty much anything you like to install, even two graphics cards. However considering the compact design and two 120mm fans, I'd advise just one graphics card. Keep in mind that only up-to ATX sized motherboards will fit, thus EATX and XL-ATX are not an option. There's enough space to maneuver in which will make component installation a breeze really. Cable management options are pretty average and definitely could be better. One additional note here has to be that there is no proper passage for ATX12V/EPS12V cables leading from the backside towards the motherboard. Also once you mount the PSU you will realize that you probably would have liked a little more space. It all fits, but not plentiful. The looks are quite nice and with the side TG panel window you can peek at your hardware as well. It surely is a complete chassis for its size alright and with the side window it offers very clean looks.

The Exterior

The matte black colors on both in and outside has been done well, it will not scratch too easily. A nice new tweak is that tempered glass side panel and the red accent, I like that. Other then that there are no no screaming logos, LEDs and mismatched colors. So that done well.


Final Words

In the end I can recommend the Nova TG to those on a budget that need a good looking chassis. As mentioned, this chassis is not perfect. Cable routing I find tricky, however the features it offers in this price range is good. Next to that once you fitted all your components in there, you'll likely never look back but only at it, and that's where the Nova TG scores well, it's a good looking product and that is mainly die to the new TG side panel and the dark feel. The storage options are plentiful for a compact chassis, the PSU space is limited though. I'd advise 16~17cm length max as you also need to think about the PSU connectors that will stick out of the PSU as well. Overall the space and mounting options are good enough, you are however limited if you had planned liquid cooling. The Nova TG with see-through glass side panel is available for 49 EUR / 59 USD, for that money you receive a nice chassis with proper very decent looks and features. Not perfect, but good and good looking are the keywords I have been looking for. If you are in for something compact with nice looks, the Nova TG might be a nice alternative to add on your short-list.

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