BitFenix Nova TG review

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At the backside of the chassis we notice the big hole in the motherboard tray. Not done to save on money and weight, this is actually a CPU back-plate cutout which allows you to remove and install a new CPU cooler much easier. Typically you'd need to take out the motherboard to install a new cooler, now you can access it from both sides without that unpleasant experience of removing a motherboard from the chassis. Very popular with many chassis manufacturers these days alright.


The cable routing space in the rear is very limited. However ...


The left side panel has an indentation that will get you another 1cm of spacing. It remains to be a poor cable router though, but in the end it gets the job dobe. So imho there is 'average' space for cable routing here. 


Above you can see where the PSU is tucked away. Right, it's time to build a system. Next page please.

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