BFG ES 800 Watt PSU review

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BFG 800 Watt ES PSU review

All cables nice tie-wrapped, details folks .. it's all about details here at Guru3D. Let's have a look at that wiring and measure how long the cables actually are.

BFG 800 Watt ES PSU review

Once untied we see they cables have become longer opposed to the previous PSUs from BFG. This is especially handy for the PCIe (graphics card) connectors as when you go with a dual-card setup, one card is harder to reach as it's located lower in the PC. You have 50 cm to play with now. The one thing that could have been a tad longer was the mortherboard ATX connector though that's nitpciking a little.

BFG 800 Watt ES PSU review

Here you can see the four 6-pin PCIe connectors. The tiny wire behind my thumb is the extra 2-pin connector to make it a 8-pin connector. There are two of hem to be found. Well, I don't know about you guys, but I like to take it for a spin. Let's fire her up..

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