BFG ES 800 Watt PSU review

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Guys, this is like internet erotica for geeks, if you can't handle the product naked ... skip to the next page !

BFG 800 Watt ES PSU review

So here we see the PSU & packaging. Everything is carefully packaged in there. Some extra Velcro tie-wraps have been insert as well. Great for cable management. Overall a normal bundle as can be expected.

BFG 800 Watt ES PSU review

Though looking regular, it is a little shiny & bling man, reflective black. Looks a bit nasty due to the white surroundings of our photo studio though. Anyway, here we see the PSU all nekkid (hey I did warn you about the explicit nudity here). The front side is nicely meshed for optimal airflow, on the bottom obviously a 138mm ventilator is located keeping the unit nicely chilled down.

BFG 800 Watt ES PSU review

On the backside we notice that there's no modular connections to be found on this PSU. Which quite honestly is better in terms of power distribution versus resistance versus ripple. The standard attached cables are sleeved nicely in black and are long enough to reach anything in your case. The connectors themselves seem to have non-oxidized gold colored pin connectors, again preventing resistance; which is futile as we know.
Love the BFG logo stamped in there, subtle and not too flashy.

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