Beelink GTR7 Pro (Ryzen 9 7940HS) MiniPC review

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CPU Temperatures, Thermals, Noise level


We run the FPU and CPU torture test in AIDA. Below, we show the maximum CPU temperature measured at the thermal sensor level. 

  • System setup: normal conditions/default settings / 100% CPU load on all cores
We do not table/chart up temperature results because we'd need to apply identically cooling over and over on all platforms. Also, coolers (RPM) react differently to TDP and variables like BIOS on all motherboards, let alone brands. The processor peaks towards 80+ Degrees C and then very slowly drops towards 75 degrees C; at these levels, it's getting a bit noisy. But during long-term CPU stress, expect 75-80 Degrees C on the processor package. 


FLIR measurements (under 100% load)





The results are very good; only the back of the device reaches 50 Degrees Celsius.

Noise level


The noise level is very low during daily activities (rarely exceeds 32-33 dBA). Only the 100% CPU load makes the unit reach 35 dBA, which is a bit hearable (but definitely not disturbing).

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