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Product Installation

Product Installation

It is time to install the cooler, the installation has a twist, which I'll explain below. So here is the phase where we slowly start assembling a test setup. Included is all you need. Above the LGA 1150x mounting kit we need to install. Be quiet actually overhauled the mounting kit, so we'll go through that step-by-step. It's an overwhelmingly large amount of screws and stuff, but then again, installation is fairly simple.




The first thing you need to do, insert four push pins screws through the backside mounting bracket, the lower position is for socket 115x, the upper .. well not :) Please do not forget to apply a rubber washer as demonstrated above.  Now you insert the backplate Socket 115x. Just make sure the two gaps/holes are aligned with the motherboard socket screws and push through the mounting pins.


Here we now mount four risers/standoff screws, these secure the back-plate sturdy and in place. 


Now two horizontal mounting brackets we need to secure on the block, each with two screws. Fairly simple, as shown above. We're now ready to mount the cooling block.

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