be quiet Pure Loop 2 FX 280mm LCS review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase


For many folks, aRGB is mandatory, be quiet added it this round as opposed to the previous model as well. There's a led array located at the front plate. It feeds of your aRGB together with the pump directly from the HUB. And yeah as you can observe, there's a refill cap there.


The front-facing top plate holds one seriously big be quiet! logo, and it is in your face all the time. I am not very enthused about aesthetics at all, albeit I understand that is a subjective statement to make. But I begrudge it when companies always enforce their company logos smack down in the middle of your eyesight. 




The insides of the unit are, of course, aluminum. The cooling performance of our tested 280mm model certainly did not disappoint. 



The base plate has a reasonably smooth plated finish. But definitely not a mirror finish.


The pump located in between the tubing can now be PWM regulated as opposed to the previous model where it was on at 12v all the time. This helps to remove many noise issues the first generation produced. This is much better.


BTW that screw is also a filling cap, be quiet adds some coolant in a bottle inside the package should you need to refill the unit.

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