be quiet Pure Loop 2 FX 280mm LCS review


be quiet Pure loop 280mm LCS review

Be quiet! has redesigned its liquid cooling line, meet the Pure Loop 2 FX. Not only does the LCS CPU cooler offer fresh looks with new aRGB LEDs, but it is also more silent with a PWM-based pump. The original Pure Loop White LEDs that surrounded the cooling block has been replaced with ARGB LEDs, rads are available in 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm diameters. Pure Wings 2 PWM fans have been replaced with Light Wings fans. The PWM setting on the pump is now customizable. That pump sits unusually between tubing, conceivably to deflect an Asetek patent. These liquid cooling kits are pre-fitted on a single loop and ready to install straight out of the box after some minor assembling. Armed with new looks, sleeved tubing, and a reasonable price, be quiet! offers a competitive mainstream model in the massive LCS kit arena. The newly updated coolers add ARGB accents. There's also one LED zone at the cooling block. The Pure Loop 2FX 280mm is a series of durable CPU liquid coolers designed for mid-sized gaming builds. Each cooler brings the performance, features, and design needed to be an essential part of your gaming system. 

The 280 kit we test is a self-contained (AIO) CPU cooling unit based on liquid cooling. It does not require much setup installation. With a pump and radiator shipped pressure tested, it is pre-filled and sealed directly from the factory to provide maintenance-free operation for years. It, however, does come with a refill cap be quiet! also includes a bottle of coolant (anti-freeze) as the unit is made of aluminum.  Pure Loop will be available in three different radiator sizes: 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm. This ease of use extends to its support of the latest Intel and AMD sockets, including the latest Intel and AMD sockets. The series has a high-density water microchannel and copper finish block to offer efficient thermal conduction and a proper radiator to maximize cooling performance. The coolers will be backed by a 3-year warranty. 


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