ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly review

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Addendum: EuP 2013 vs IDLE power consumption

Addendum on EuP 2013 BIOS setting

On this extra page I wanted to note something. We noticed that once the PC is powered off, the motherboard would still draw 3 to 4 Watts continuously. This is not specific to certain brands of motherboard, we have seen this behavior with multiple brands. 


Above, the results of a motherboard when completely powered down. As you can see, the PC keeps drawing power. There is a very simple fix for this on your motherboard, go into the BIOS and under the TAB 'Power Management Setup' enable EuP 2013 (with ASUS boards that show similar behavior this is called just ErP).


Example MSI motherboard


Example ASUS motherboard

After inquiring into why we observe this unneeded behaviour the answer is simple. Some power supplies do not respond well with EuP 2013 enabled. This could result in a system not posting hence at default they leave the setting off. EuP 2013 has been introduced mandatorily by EU legislation, meaning if you have a PSU manufactured and sold in the EU after 2013, please do enable this function as (3.6/1000) x (24x365) = a power leak of ~32 KWh on a yearly basis while your PC is supposedly powered down.

After you enable EuP 2013 functionality, the PC in IDLE draws only 0.0 to 0.1 Watts.


ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Extreme powered down with EuP enabled in the BIOS.

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