Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX monitor review

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Photo overview

Photo overview



In comparison to most other monitors, the PG32UQX's on-screen display (OSD) operates differently. It also differs from prior ROG monitors, which had a set of buttons on the right back of the screen. Now a rotary knob and two buttons remain located at the bottom side.


The PG32UQX has a pretty wide rotary knob in the center of the screen, which allows you to swiftly scroll through the menu. It is accompanied by two buttons for 'Back' and 'OK,' which allow you to exit the menu fast. It works really well.


We've already stated enough about the connectors, but 3x HDMI 2.0 and 1 DP 1.4 alongside USB connectivity is what you will receive. Display Stream Compression (also known as DSC) is supported by the DisplayPort connection, which means we can achieve full 4K 144Hz RGB support without the need for chroma subsampling. A significant issue with the first generation of 4K 144Hz displays, although it has since been fixed. With the PG32UQX, you can get 8-bit+FRC at 4K 144Hz or native 10-bit at up to 4K 120Hz on a single channel.


A monochrome OLED display is also located on the lower bezel behind the main panel. Not only can you display numerous animated logos on it, but you can also use the Armory Crate software to display the temperatures and clock rates of the various components in your computer. 



You could also an application to display your own (animated) logo on the screen.  Whether or not you find it handy is up to you, I was more bothered by it rather than being convinced about the functionality. I found it too distracting, but that is a personal observation.  

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