ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming WIFI II motherboard review

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ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming WIFI II Motherboard: Technical Features and Specifications

In concurrence with the launch of the 14th Gen Core (Raptor Lake) processors, ASUS has recently revamped its motherboard selection. Notable among these is the ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming WIFI II motherboard, which distinguishes itself within the ASUS Z790 product lineup by offering an exhaustive array of features at a somewhat more competitive price point (as opposed to enthusiast-class motherboards). This motherboard showcases an advanced Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) design, PCI Express 5.0 lanes, multiple M.2 slots that support both PCIe Gen4 and Gen5, a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port, and extremely sweet WIFI7 connectivity.

ASUS has been busy, updating their Z790 product line by enhancing the VRMs (tuned to accommodate the heightened power consumption of these processors), complemented by improved heatsink designs to ensure effective cooling even during the most demanding workloads. You'll notice that the NVMe SSD PCIe Gen 5.0 SSD slot also carries a big heatsink. One primary focus is the new Wi-Fi 7, with a notable highlight being the ASUS WiFi Q-Antenna directional antenna. Furthermore, ASUS has optimized the configuration by increasing the number of M.2 slots to a total of 5, along with direct support for PCIe 5.0 x4 for one SSD (the rest is Gen 4). The ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming WIFI II motherboard represents a premium product, featuring a robust 18+1+2 phase power delivery configuration backed by 110A power stages. Additionally, the motherboard incorporates advanced cooling systems, crucial for maintaining ideal temperature levels for the CPU and GPU. For those inclined towards system optimization, it offers extensive overclocking capabilities. Furthermore, it is equipped with a broad spectrum of connectivity interfaces such as USB, PCIe, and various networking options, catering to a wide range of user requirements. The motherboard also supports multiple PCIe slots, providing opportunities for system expansion through additional graphics cards or storage units. On the audio front, it houses a sophisticated audio solution (Realtek ALC4080 codec).


ProcessorConfigurationP-core / E-core Base Clock (GHz)L3 Cache (MB)PBP (W)SteppingMemory SupportECC Support
Core i9-14900KF8P + 16E3.2 / 2.436125B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600No
Core i9-14900K8P + 16E3.2 / 2.536125B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i9-14900F8P + 16E2.0 / 1.53665B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600No
Core i9-14900T8P + 16E1.1 / 0.83635B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i9-149008P + 16E2.0 / 1.53665B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i7-14700KF8P + 12E3.4 / 2.533125B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600No
Core i7-14700K8P + 12E3.4 / 2.533125B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i7-14700F8P + 12E2.1 / 1.53365B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600No
Core i7-14700T8P + 12E1.3 / 0.93335B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i7-147008P + 12E2.1 / 1.53365B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i5-14600KF6P + 8E3.5 / 2.624125B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600No
Core i5-14600K6P + 8E3.5 / 2.624125B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i5-14600T6P + 8E1.8 / 1.32435B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i5-146006P + 8E2.7 / 2.02465B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-5600Yes
Core i5-14500T6P + 8E1.7 / 1.22435C0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800Yes
Core i5-145006P + 8E2.6 / 1.92465C0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800Yes
Core i5-14400T6P + 4E1.5 / 1.12035C0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800No
Core i5-14400F6P + 4E2.5 / 1.82065C0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800No
Core i5-144006P + 8E2.5 / 1.82065C0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800No
Core i5-14400F6P + 4E2.5 / 1.82065B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800No
Core i5-144006P + 4E2.5 / 1.82065B0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800No
Core i3-14100T4P + 0E2.7 / N/A1235H0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800No
Core i3-14100F4P + 0E3.5 / N/A1258H0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800No
Core i3-141004P + 0E3.5 / N/A1260H0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800No
Intel 300T2P + 0E3.4635H0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800Yes
Intel 3002P + 0E3.9646H0DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800Yes

So, let us find out how the ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming WIFI II performs and if it is worth your money in this review. And yeah, we expect this motherboard to hover in the $499 range.

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