Asus ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless review

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Final Words and conclusion

The ASUS ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless is a prominent wireless mechanical keyboard. Opting for a 96% form factor, it offers a comprehensive keyboard experience in a compact design. For individuals seeking an even smaller design, the ROG Azoth is an alternative; however, it currently does not feature the NX Snow switches. The design, sound, and tactile feedback of the Strix Scope II 96 make it a commendable choice for enthusiasts. Wether or not you're going to like the 96% design is hard to answer. We feel that regular keyboards with a bit more space have been designed that way for good reason, the distance between your body and hands determines that. Saving a notch of space with the 96% design we doubt will make the difference, let alone create a lot of extra space on your desk.


Concerning its wireless battery longevity, using the 2.4G connection is very reliable. When the RGB is turned off, the battery can last up to 1500 hours on 2.4G and 1750 hours on Bluetooth. With the RGB activated, the duration is still a good 90 hours on 2.4G and 110 hours on Bluetooth. This ensures extended periods before needing a recharge. btw, handy: to easily check the battery status, hold the FN and minus key; the number row illuminates, with each color indicating a specific battery level. We also like the Omni Receiver which enables the connection of both a keyboard and mouse (if produced by ROG) to a PC using a single wireless USB receiver, thereby conserving available ports for other devices.


The keyboard has a metal and plastic frame and includes an additional magnetic wristrest. Its pre-lubed linear switches are suitable for both typing and gaming. Asus has provided an option for users to change these switches. 


 Final words

The ROG Strix Scope II 96 keyboard displays good performance across various segments of usage. Although it serves its main functions, especially in the areas of gaming and typing, quite well, certain design decisions present challenges. Of course we understand the attempt to enhance portability by reducing its size. However for me the size reduction doesn't substantially clear desk space. Furthermore, this change hampers the usual media controls and can interrupt the muscle memory developed from using traditional full-sized keyboards. The keyboard finds itself in a unique market position though, neither completely full-sized nor entirely compact. It might be that users generally lean towards either end of the spectrum. In a comparison with rival products, the Asus ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless keyboard offers some benefits such as prolonged battery life, an efficient connection-switching feature, and a marginally reduced cost. There likely will be occasional software glitches and annoyances with the Armory Crate, these are minor against the backdrop of the keyboard's overall functionality and build quality. Equipped with indicators, a scroll wheel, pre-lubed switches, and stabilizers, it provides a commendable and relatively silent user experience. With a price of around $180, it stands as a choice for those in search of a quality keyboard with very specific requirements.


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