Asus ROG Rapture GT6 Mesh router review

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Router Software & Admin Interface

Router Software & Admin Interface

To begin the installation process, connect a unit to your LAN/WAN and power it up. Also, whether it's cable, fiber or DSL, a reboot of your router may be in order. Use your preferred browser to access the installation wizard or use the ASUS APP. If it doesn't load, try accessing it using the router's default IP address: or You may have to use the admin/admin login.

Once connected, our router will configure itself and assign an IP address via DHCP, making it ready to use. However, our existing network structure may require us to set up the mesh unit as an access point.

The router will immediately connect to the Internet and will likely detect a firmware upgrade. Given the prevalence of security breaches, it is critical to update your firmware frequently and enable automatic updates. After logging in with the SSID WIFI and router username and password located on the back of the router, you'll be taken to the main menu to access the router's settings and capabilities.

While WPA2 is the default encryption method, the new firmware update also supports WPA3, which provides more security options. In addition, UNII-4, also known as the 5.9GHz band, is also available on this mesh router, providing a DFS-free 160MHz channel perfect for fully wireless mesh systems. I found that the latest firmware worked well in my tests when using the UNII-4 portion for the router's 5GHz-2 band.



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