ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 WIFI6E router review

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Router Software & Admin Interface

Router Software & Admin Interface

To set up the GT-AXE16000, connect it to your LAN and WAN and restart your cable/fiber/DSL modem. Access your browser and you will be directed to the installation wizard. If that does not happen, enter the default router IP addresses ( or and use the login credentials admin/admin if prompted.

Once connected, the router will automatically detect your settings and assign an IP via DHCP. Make sure to check for firmware updates and install them immediately, as this is important for security and vulnerability protection. Once you have logged in to the router's main menu, you will have access to various options and an overview of the router's functionality. The login credentials for SSID and router can be found on the sticker located at the back of the router.

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