ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 router +AIMesh review

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Performance Wireless Connection

Wireless connection

In this review we'll look at several options in terms of WIFI performance, we'll look at a single link 2400 MHz band, the 5 GHz band, but also dual-band 5 GHz WIFI. What we immediately notice, however, is that with one AC5300 installed, our WIFI connection overall got better. Now the connections below say NOTHING about actual performance, but they sure did peak interest. 


So yes, I named the test network Mordor. Above you can see a dual-band 5G setup connected on one of the test systems, I've never seen it reach a full 866 Mbit/s. Another example below. 


Here we have a single band AC connection in the 5 GHz spectrum. It connected at 1.3 Gpbs over WIFI. Now we're NEVER going to achieve such results over one single 5G band. But that is promising. Also, I rather have a dual or triple band connection rated lower opposed to a single band connection that is high, let me quickly show you why.


Check it, here we are transferring a couple of gigs over WIFI on that single band 5 GHz connection. We're roughly 10 meters away from the router (mesh has not been enabled yet), and we pass through one concrete metal reinforced floor. We're pushing 1.3 Gbps on the adapter rate, and moving data at 37 MB/sec, which is roughly 300 Mbits. Not bad at all. But now let's look at a dual-band 5GHz example:


So above the dual-band configuration where two 5 GHz (AC) bands are combined, the link dropped towards 780 Mbit/s, however, we're moving data at a speed of ~65 MB/sec, that's ~520 Mbit/sec. That really is excellent. Unfortunately, I do not have a triple band WIFI enabled laptop, so my best figures are thus based on dual-band connections, which most new WIFI adapters and laptops have. Again let me remind you, these tests are based on just the one router, not the mesh.

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