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BIOS overclocking

Overclocking multi-core on a high clock frequency is a relatively easy to do job, but is managed best from the BIOS. The Guru3D reader-base overclocks mostly from the BIOS to try and find the maximum stable limit. The generic overclock procedure for multiplier based overclocking is as follows: 

  • Leave base clock (bus) for what it is right now (100 MHz)
  • Set the per core multiplier at a maximum of your liking:
  • Example 1: 100MHz x 45 = 4500 MHz
  • Increase CPU voltage; though AUTO often works fine on many motherboards you can do it manually as well. Start at 1.10 volts and work your way upwards into a state of equilibrium in perf and cooling temps. Sometimes leaving voltages at AUTO works out well also.
  • Make sure your processor is properly cooled as adding voltage = more heat
  • Save and Exit BIOS




Overclocking the Core i9 7960X is a bit of a mess, not because of the motherboard, but because of the thermals. Once we passed 1.12 Volts on the proc, the all-core stress temperatures spiraled out of control. A 280mm rad based liquid cooler at 1.25 Volts on the proc and 4600 MHz on the cores EASILY reached the thermal threshold. We pushed onwards knowingly that a thermal throttle will kick in, and settled at 4600 MHz and roughly 1.25 Volts.  Again, the motherboard is not the limitation, the processor is. I would recommend higher tweaks only once a proc is delidded. 


So, we are at 57 seconds on the default clocks. Overclocked on all cores we achieve 1024M of prime in 46 seconds. 


CB15 scores 3885 points (multi) where at default clocks we are at 3150 points.


Time Spy scores an extra 600 points. It works, yes, but the temps are not easy to deal with. Also, with an Intel Core i9 tweak, you power consumption will easily spiral out of control. Below, the power consumption, with just the 3DMark CPU test running.


Just stressing the tweaked CPU cores here, yeah, that's not a pretty sight eh?

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