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Performance Wireless Internet 802.11ac WIFI

Performance Wireless 802.11ac WIFI

We've been discussing the Killer WIFI already, it's time for some numbers though. The implementation on this motherboard is very fast. Most new motherboards these days have integrated WIFI, and there are so many standards. One of the more interesting ones is Wireless AC AKA 802.11ac. Motherboards that have such a unit will now be tested here at

Wireless AC draft 802.11ac technology was developed to optimize video streaming experiences. Providing Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds allows content to download faster and large video or music files to sync more quickly. With an increasing number of Wi-Fi devices in the home leading to greater internet consumption, this new wireless draft 802.11ac standard will help you achieve better wireless speeds.

  • Our source router is a D-Link DIR-868L compatible with 802.11a, 802.11ac, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n.
  • 802.11ac on the D-Link router can achieve a theoretical 1.75Gbps
  • The router is located one floor below the office at roughly 10 Meters distance. Our Office is a WIFI cluttered mess.

Once installed and connected we can see that the 802.11ac protocol is activated. 


A quick Ookla test shows we get our full internet connection speed, 300 Mbit/s download and 30 Mbit/s upluad. Our 5G connection is at a steady 867 Mbit/sec range. Obviously WIFI is not nearly as fast as wired Ethernet as many factors like error-correction will bring down that speed. Copying a large 9.0 GB file towards a PC with an SSD will result into roughly 50 MB/sec performance.


We are close to ten meters away from the router and one level higher with a concrete steel reinforced floor. Also let me state that our office is messy with a lot of surrounding wireless signals. Overall, not bad at all, eh?

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