ASUS GeForce RTX 3090 STRIX OC Review

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Product Photos

Product Photos

Next to the dual-BIOS, you'll see some more activity on the card, two fan headers near the back of the card can be used to attach case fans. The fans will then run in sync with the graphics card fans. And that also means they stop in idle. Eye-popping is of course the threefold of 8-pin power connectors, that already indicates where we have headed power consumption and board power design-wise. So that's 3x 150W + 1x 75W (PCIe slot also delivers power), we're looking at a 525 board power design. Sweet mozes! 

I have to say that the RGB LED implementation has been managed quite subtle, it looks good. Interesting is that the LED array emits light over the fans, giving them a bit of a halo effect, which looks nice. 







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