ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Ti Poseidon Review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

We start with our photo-shoot. Two pages worth of photos then and all of them from our own photo-shoot.



So as you can see below, this is the ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 980 Ti Poseidon Platinum edition.The Poseidon model specifically, which comes with a faster standard clock frequency. A DIGI+ VRM has been assigned together with a strong 10-phases.




ASUS has built a custom board that differs from the reference design. You will spot a custom PCB with 10 GPU power phases and two 8 pin power headers for a little more overclocking headroom. 




This Poseidon series has higher factory clocks, the GPU core base clock is ticking over at a 1114 MHz core GPU clock frequency with a 1203 MHz Boost frequency. The card is sized 11.3 " x 5.4 " x 1.6 " Inch - 28.7 x 13.7 x 4.06 Centimeters.


The card is 29cm in length with the cooler included. DirectCU H2O is a hybrid thermal solution that combines the vapor chamber and water channel with standard G1/4- inch threaded fittings to accommodate existing liquid cooling equipment. With liquid, DirectCU H2O achieves up to 2 times(30°C) lower temperatures and thus you will hover in the 50 Degree C range under full GPU load (with proper liquid cooling).


The memory has been kept reference at 7.0 GHz (effective data-rate) in the 6 GB GDDR5 memory partition. Overall ASUS is keeping their ROG style in all black and red. Especially with the new design DirectCU H2O cooler it is a very nice looking product. At the top side you can see connectors for liquid cooling, but as stated, the card works fine without it as well. The card features 10K capacitors (5x the lifespan of standard capacitors) along with better thermal thresholds (offering higher and lower temp thresholds), fully molded alloy based inductors (chokes) which reduce or eliminate coil whine while also offering improved performance across a number of metrics.

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