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Performance VP8 | HASH


VP8 video compression

VP8 is an open video compression format released by Google, originally created by On2 Technologies.

This particular test is a 64-bit multi-threaded VP8 video encoding stress sequence which this is a brand new 64-bit multi-threaded HD video encoding benchmark, based on Googles VP8 (WebM) video codec. The VP8 test encodes 1280x720 pixel ("HD ready") resolution video frames in 1-pass mode at 8192 kbps bitrate with best quality settings and it is HyperThreading, multi-processor (SMP) and multi-core (CMP) aware.

CPU Hash Benchmark

This test measures CPU performance using the SHA1 hashing algorithm defined in the Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 180-3. The code behind this benchmark method is written in Assembly, and it is optimized for every popular AMD, Intel and VIA processor core variants by utilizing the appropriate MMX, MMX+/SSE, SSE2, SSSE3, or AVX instruction set extension.

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