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If we zoom in a little at the front side we stumble into connectivity. I think it is safe to say that we can leave the explanation of single and dual-link DVI behind us. It is interesting to see how much connectivity the series 5000 cards can deal with but it is also interesting to see how little ASUS did with that. 2 GPUs, I feel that would should have seen at least four digital connectors here, especially with Eyefinity in mind, some similar connectors would have been preferred. Then again, it might have been a choice made with air cooling in mind.

This solution allows for better cooling, plain and simple.

regardless if you like to go 3x 2560x1600 with some Eyefinity lovin, that'd be not an issue but each monitor will need a different connector




The overall design is sleek and stealthy. At the rear side of that massive copper heatsink we see the air intakes. The card is designed in such a manner that it will take in air from inside your PC and 'tries' to exhaust the heated air outside the PC. The design is very open though so a lot of heat will still be dumped inside your PC alright.

As always we recommend you to have a well ventilated PC with at least a 120mm fan for intake and exhaust. Create airflow you guys, really important -- especially with high-end components.


A lower angle here shows how big the cooling solution really is. Three slots are gone due to that massive chunk of copper right there sitting on top of the two GPUs.


All the way to the right you can see one Crossfire finger, so you can combine two of these cards at maximum.

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