ASRock TRX40 Creator review

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Overclocking test

As you guys know, to be able to order the 3970X you need to spend close to 2000 bucks. With 32 cores and the default temps we have seen, we made the call to overclock, but not with added voltages in order to keep that temperature in line. Now, obviously it is ridiculous to overclock 32 cores with an all-core tweak, we'll try anyway. See, that all-core overall clock will drop towards, say, 3600 MHz if the load is substantial. So even tweaking 4000 MHz on all cores, would help in such a scenario. At default voltages, we can reach a clock speed of 4.0 even 4.1 GHz (on all 32 cores). We can certainly reach 4.3 but need more voltage and, for now, I find a no-go. We applied a simple 240mm LCS kit from Enermax. We previously scored 16988 points in CB20 MT and now reach 18156 points. Substantially we did score an extra ~7% in performance. 

The results on this page are the same for any and every TRX40 motherboard, as the bottleneck or challenge is not the motherboard, it is the processor that defines the ability and stability for the overclock. You also need to seriously consider whether or not you want to tweak a processor of this caliber at all.


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