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Final Words & Conclusion


Final Words & Conclusion

Anno 2070 truly is a fun game. The many levels, the intricate design, the campaign mode, the in-depth free to play mode -- it's all good as this is a quality title though for a very specific kind of gamer. You are bound to spend many hours, heck weeks, on this title as it certainly keep you fascinated and addicted. And the PC graphics quality, well it is pretty darn good really.

On the copy protection, we have spend a full page on DRM in what is supposed to be a graphics performance article -- we surely disliked it, I'll leave that as is for now as BlueByte and Ubisoft did change their policy after our comments and the heat it created.

Really the game is just too good to not buy it if you like the real-time strategy genre.

Anno 2070

The VGA / graphics game performance articles will always remain a little subjective. Each level differs a little, each location differs a little, and say if an island is inhabited your framerate would be high as there is much less complexity to render. We measure in free to play world mode, where we developed several islands, have sizable cities and a large population. With that dynamic in mind we think our results will be very representable in what you will experience in terms of overall frame rates. It however is a reflection of how we think we should test, and that is the subjective part I was referring to.

Please also understand that we measured (as much as we could) zoomed out... that way there is more to render for the graphics card. Zoomed in at a couple of buildings is a less intensive on the GPU thing to do, there your framerate will rise quickly.

If you have a graphics card that runs out of juice, simple select High Quality mode and leave AA for what it is. The difference is noticeable, but you'll quickly gain another 20% to 30% in performance. At medium quality settings the graphics start to really deteriorate though. So unless you are on a gaming laptop, we really wouldn't recommend anything lower then High Quality mode though.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of measurements, and the game itself... the deep gameplay mechanics and fascinating factions make the game very interesting for any RTS aficionado. It is a fascinating and addictive strategy game.

Hilbert out

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