AMD Ryzen 9 7900X processor review

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Performance - Content Creation FryRender

Content creation: FryRender

FryRender is a benchmarking framework for everyone, not just for 3D users; anyone out there, from hardware integrators or hardware reviewers to die-hard gamers. Since its conception, FryRender has been designed with the aim of being the most muscled engine in its category. As a result, and after several years of intense development, FryRender's core doesn't let a single CPU cycle be wasted. Its routines have been written to be cache efficient, and to take the maximum advantage possible of the new multi-threading capabilities present in modern CPU architectures. Being a highly-optimized and extremely math-intensive application (mostly in floating-point) which makes a very efficient use of the system's cache, we think that FryRender is the near perfect tool for measuring how much 'brute computational power' a computer is able to deliver.

  • FryRender utilizes a maximum of 32 threads
If you are wondering what is up with the latest FryBench results, well, I mentioned already that it would be hard to find software that can support more than 32 threads. FryBench supports precisely that, 32 threads.


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