AMD Ryzen 5 1600 review

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Performance - CPU-Z

CPU-Z Internal Benchmark

CPU-Z was recently updated with a fairly quick to run, yet seriously proper benchmark. I decided to include the results as it offers something you can easily replicate and try at home. Next to that, it actually is a pretty nice performance measurement to test RAW CPU performance, performance is measured both as per core and multi-threaded core performance. It offers a fast and easy manner in which to quickly view single threaded and multi-threaded SMT performance. Give it a try yourself, it is easy to use. Here are some numbers, we'll build up and update more results over time: 



Once you start to accumulate more cores the relative perf will jump up fast, of course. Unfortunately not all software makes use of many cores/threads, including games, hence per core perf matters more opposed to having, say eight cores over a quad-core processor.

Right - look above, it is the last time you'll see such results as the CPU-Z benchmark has been replaced with a new one for reasons mentioned here:


The new scores are 100% different with a new benchmark methodology test. Hence all result in the future will be redone. Above the Ryzen 5 1600 at default clocks.


As promised in on the first page, throughout this review we'll also post tweaked results. With merely the stock air cooler we can reach 3900 MHz on all 6 cores 100% stable. 4 GHz was doable, yet temps got out of hand. We need 1.425 Volts for the CPU for the tweak to become 100% stable. 

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