AMD FX 8350 - 8320 - 6300 and 4300 CPU performance review

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Game performance - Far Cry 2 | Crysis 2

Far Cry 2

Throw your memory back to the year 2004 and the release of the innovative Far Cry on the PC. Developer Crytek managed to fashion one of the most convincing and striking locales in all of gaming, and satisfied gamers with the freedom to pass through the landscape and tackle enemies in almost any way they saw fit. You surely remember Jack Carver and that things were about to get seriously messed up for you? Well, tough luck. You are no longer at that deserted tropical island but hop into a jeep and arrive at the sandy savannah surroundings of Africa. And that's a change... as much as you'll no longer run into any mutants, aliens, or any superpowers or psychic powers. Also - you are no longer Jack Carver, you assume the role of one of nine different mercenaries who are embedded in the midst of a brutal civil war which rages in an imaginary African nation.

Everything that goes down is involved in a dirty little bush war in central Africa and you'll have to use a rusty AK-47 and whatever bits of scavenged land mine you can duct-tape together. Two factions struggle for supremacy: the United Front for Liberation and Labour and the Alliance for Popular Resistance, and both are known for blood and control.


Now we use dedicated graphics card, a GeForce GTX 580, and check out platform performance. We are in high-quality DX10 mode with 4x AA (Anti-Aliasing) and 16x AF (Anisotropic Filtering). 

Far Cry 2 - 1024x768

Far Cry 2 is not that GPU demanding anymore these days with modern graphics cards and as a result of that is very sensitive to CPU changes, it's actually a very threaded application as well so it offers the best of both worlds and can pinpoint fairly accurate what processor performance you have under the hood.

Crysis 2

With the DirectX 11 patch and that High Resolution Texture pack we all know one thing, Crysis has become the best looking game to date. DirectX 11 hardware tessellation is the headline feature, but the Ultra Upgrade also introduces soft shadows with variable penumbra, improved water rendering, and particle motion blur and shadowing. Having been originally omitted from CryEngine 3, Parallax Occlusion Mapping has been reintroduced, as has full-resolution High Dynamic Range motion blur, making the games use of camera panning more detailed and defined. To improve performance further hardware-based occlusion culling has been implemented, resulting in performance improvements from objects and scenery out of view not being rendered


Crysis 2 then; we apply everything. Image quality settings:

  • DirectX 11
  • High Resolution Texture Pack
  • Extreme Quality settings
  • 4x AA
  • Level - Times Square (2 minute custom time demo)

Crysis 2 is a game that is multithreaded, not optimal but it definitely can utilize up-to eight processor threads, though is proactively dominant on four of them. Hence we introduced it as a CPU test. We did lower image quality to the Extreme setting and not Ultra to give the the game a little less dependency on the GPU, to show the effect of the CPU.

Crysis 2 - 1024x768

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