AMD Catalyst 12.11 Driver Performance Never Settle

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AMD Catalyst 12.11 Software Suite

Opposed to the previous driver releases the team has been able to boost overall game performance throughout the 7000 series with 5% and up-to 20%, so that's quite significant.

Whether that is true we'll have to find out in the next pages of course, where we have put the driver to the test. Some of the newer titles really benefit from the new tweaks.


But as stated throughout the scope of game titles you should be able to notice significant enough performance increases. The performance increases can be as little as a few percent, on average however we see an up-to 10% performance increase and in a case of two the performance benefit even reached roughly 20%


What we'll do today is take a Radeon HD 7950 (the new boost edition) and test it with the Catalyst 12.8 and 12.11 driver on the very same platform. Any little performance increase is a win. But let's head towards the next page where we will fire up the Guru3D benchmark suite.

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