AMD Brazos platform tested - The E350 APU review

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Temps - Memory Subsystem tests



The solution in an HTPC environment I want, needs to be be silent. The downside is that the product does tend to get a little warm. Both the processor and internal embedded GPU peaked towards roughly 50 towards 66 Degrees C (150 F). And while that is within a safe margin, it is a little on the high side.

AMD Brazos platform tested - The E350 APU

Memory Read test

The memory controller is single channel and that shows alright, as such memory performance is hovering at give or take 3000 MB/sec.

Now for the charts what we'll do continuously is to compare to Intel's Atom 330 mATX solution which we tested a while ago. It's roughly what AMD is aiming and targeting against.

Memory Write test

Memory write performance wise we see exactly the same stuff, roughly 3000 MB/sec of bandwidth. It puzzles me a little that AMD did not opt to go for dual-channel really.

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