AMD Brazos platform tested - The E350 APU review

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Accelerating and enhancing video


Accelerating & Enhancing Video

Fusion based platforms are a lot about additional features and performance. However, the key feature is, of course, the embedded GPU with video processor. The combo of the video processor and some additional shader processors inside that chipset allows for high-definition 1080P content playback, acceleration, and though limited... enhancement of overall picture quality.

Now for your regular Blu-ray content, just use PowerDVD or WinDVD and enable the PureVideo flag inside the software and you are good to go with the latest updates/revisions.

For those that use other content like the immensely popular MKV / x.264 container formats, please download Media Player Classic Home Cinema. This free open source software will accelerate and enhance your MKV content even at 1080P.

We have written an article on Media Player Classic Home Cinema and how to set up that software to make this happen, please read that here (recommended article!). Some examples:

AMD Brazos platform tested - The E350 APU

Example of 1080P The Social Media Trailer in MKV x.264 format. You'll notice a CPU load of 23% here, power consumption at this stage is roughly 46 Watts.

AMD Brazos platform tested - The E350 APU

Another example, 1080P The Green Hornet Trailer, here we have an MP4 H.264 file and you can see that the CPU load is only 29% on average.

For both content I had some additional shaders enabled like image sharpening and darkened black levels. All that stuff is done of the available 80 Shader processors and that really helps out. That's the beauty of this design.

The reality is that it provides a flawless playback. And with optical audio TOSLINK, and VGA, DVI and HDMI connector output... that makes it a sweet alternative to build a cheap power consumption aware platform. I'm not saying it's the very best alternative, to the contrary...  but it's very sufficient at the very least if you are willing to stick to software like Media Player Classic or anything that can support DXVA.

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