AMD Athlon 3000G review

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Product Showcase - Athlon processor

Product Showcase - Athlon 220GE/240GE processor

Alright, it's time for some photos. Once you have one in your hand you realize these actually are a little heavy. The processor clocks in at a base clock of 3.5 GHz, and it halts there, as there is no active Boost slash Turbo clock for this proc. As stated, the proc is still unlocked though, we expect to reach close to 4 GHz on the two cores. Given it's a 2-core architecture, AMD is really nicely managing that clock frequency. Two cores, 4 threads at 49 USD. It's not a bad deal really for a simple PC to browse the web or to do your Word/Excel stuff or even to create a simple (file)server.  Socket AM4, this means you can house the proc on any Series 300/400/500 motherboard, for our testing we planted it onto the B450 chipset as well, you want value for money right.






We test on the MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC, a simple yet versatile motherboard. At € 120,- the irony is that this motherboard costs over twice the price of the processor series. 

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