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Final Words 

Admittedly, the recent Ryzen Threadripper 3970X review was a hell of a lot faster to test and benchmark! But make no mistake, the performance you have seen here today, is as good as say a fast laptop. And that is what this release is all about, a low-level low-cost Windows 10 PC, and yeah that works out lovely. In fact, Windows 10 operates and responds fast, much like any modern PC, and that is all about the ZEN+ and AMD infrastructure with fast interconnects and memory everywhere. 

Athlon 3000G .. two cores. We're all a bit spoiled with these mega-core processors, aren't we? So the big question is his, is there still a market for dual-core processors. Well, that question is harder to answer then you'd think, but that answer needs to be yes. If you need to build a cheapo PC for your grandma who needs some internet access. Now I have mentioned this with the 240GE review as well, these puppies offer incredible fun and this very line that I write here also indicated how keen AMD is all about their push into coverage of the market from A to Z. And yeah, I really had a good time testing the Athlon 3000G them.


Strictly speaking, clock the two cores close to 4 GHz and you have close to a modern age Ryzen core perf. Funny thing, to not make the Athlon series 'too competitive' AMD initially enforced a multiplier lock and a memory frequency lock. AMD and the mainboard partners however figured, sod it, let's unlock it. The reality is that you can thus run (with a bit of luck and tweaking) these cores at 4 GHz and high-frequency dual-channel memory. You'll be surprised how well it will work as a bit of an Internet PC, Media PC and paired with an entry-level to a mainstream graphics card, you'll be able to game as well. The internal GPU for an IGP is not bad either. So if you only plan to browse, watch series/movies, YT or your word and spreadsheet functionality, it is sufficient. The OS is responsive thanks to the infrastructure and software backbone that AMD created over the years since they brought Ryzen to the table. Of course, our tests with an RTX 2080 Ti are absolutely silly, then again we can show you exactly what two cores do in terms of relative game performance as we take away all and any GPU limitation. You'll easily halve your framerate, but with an entry-level graphics card the proc does manage to bring playable framerates to the table. Procs like tested today are fun, and extra fun when they can be tweaked a bit. So who is the Athlon 3000G series for? Well, the guys and gals that need an internet PC, a work OC, an HTPC or a PC for some really low-level gaming. 



The conclusion

The 3000G basically is the 240G, and I did hope it to have ZEN2 cores. We are not seeing any fast differences or advantages other than the quirky benchmark anomaly with minor differences compared to the 200G series. The big thing is though, the price. At 49 USD this is the fastest and cheapest APU your money can get you. Once set up, the system really is as fast a really properly fast laptop. Comobibe that with the ability of the Vega3 cores and video engine and you might have a perfect internet, streaming or HTPC. Honestly, I do wish Athlon would have had four cores though, as, at such prices that would create a new race with Intel, and sure four cores minimum is the norm these days. However, as limited as the demographic is for the 2-core 4 threads Athlon 3000G series. For a simple net, HTPC or file server these procs offer good performance and value. The power consumption is low idling at 20 Watts and around 50 to 60 Watts for the entire PC under stress, the proc won't run hot either as on air-cooling we barely reached 40 degreed C. For what it is, it is powerful for its total package of two cute Zen cores and a handful of Vega GPU cores that in fact, holds ground, it's, however, a 240GE rebadged. Just cheaper. We think a great Value Award is well deserved, and make no mistake your Windows 10 experience will be totally normal. This is not a slow processor.

ATH +++

- Hilbert out

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