AMD A8-7600 Kaveri APU review

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Product Showcase - AMD Series APU Photo's

Product Showcase - AMD Kaveri Series APU


Here you can see the AMD Kaveri APU - the A8-7600. Pretty much as big as any other AMD APU or Phenom or even Athlon II processors you may have seen. This one has a Northbridge and a GPU merged into it though. And it makes all the difference. We can also see the laser inscription on the APU. 


Desktop Kaveri processors are best paired with an AMD series 8 chipset, and require socket FM2+. So the AMD Kaveri APU platform launches with AMDs A88X “Bolton D4″ and A87X chipsets on the socket FM2+ motherboards. The socket FM2+ are backwards compatible with both Richland and Trinity APUsYour old CPU cooler however remains compatible with FM2+. 


We'll focus on the A8-7600 APU for this review though. It runs at 3.3 Ghz and can turbo towards 3.8 GHz configured at a 65 Watts TDP.


Also updated, AMD has send along gamer Radeon series memory. Two 8GB DIMMs running (XMP) 2133 MHz will become available really fast. These are of course optimized for the AMD platforms.

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