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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Alphacool has a really nice offering available with the new Eisbaer Aurora 360. It really looks nice with the RGB setup, the cooling performance is good as well. The pump you simply cannot hear and the fans can be as low or silent as you need them to be. See, you connect these to your motherboard FAN header, and if you fix them at say 500rpm, you'd get good cooling capacity over low RPM levels. The one thing that bugs me is the simplest of it all, the shouty/screamy stickers on the fans (see photo below). It would be good to see Alphacool make use of non-obtrusive stickers. Anyway, gram your black marker, and problem solved eh?

Performance-wise the kit does not disappoint, it is easy to install kits as well, offer decent perf for money and the ability to tweak your processor. The fans offer quite a bit of airflow and remain really silent (under normal conditions). We'd classify the cooler as a performance product and thus it matches mainstream to high-end cooling. With default clocks, the product is incredibly silent. However overclocked the noise coming from the fans can be heard a bit, you could however quite easily lower fan RPM towards an acoustic level of preference. The 240mm radiator with the two high performing fans would work out fine as well, as cooling capacity overall is definitely good.

Aesthetics & Design

From an aesthetic point of view, the Eisbaer Aurora 360 coolers from Alphacool look pretty amazing, aside from the fan stickers. The CPU block might look a bit big, but that offers you more coolant in the system which is better cooling capacity wise. The kit is pre-filled, but a cap at the water-block reservoir can be used to easily refill the unit, we think that is a huge plus. The quick-connect can look a little icky, but should you ever want to expand to say a GPU block for cooling, you can simply add in the tubing, which is a great feature. It is nice to see this kit with an addressable RGB system that you can hook up and sync with a compatible motherboard RGB connector. For those that do not, Alphacool included a very handy tiny RGB controller that you can use, and it has so many options that there will be a setting of your preference for sure. The new RGB fans and RGB centric pump with addressable LEDs as stated, really look cool. Installation is simply a breeze, easy and fast. No skills are required other than the need for ten minutes to install the kit. It has to be said, there are a lot of wires though due to the RGB setup, also I would have preferred the cables to be a bit longwer.,


Pretty good, really good even as the asking price is set at an MSRP of 145 EUR, which is quite a bit of money for LCS but this one comes with addressable LEDs on the pump, three RGB addressable fans as well as fan and RGB controller. That's a lot of kit, and even at 145 USD, that means the kit offers good value for money as you also get that quick connect and reservoir with fill option.



The Eisbaer Aurora 360 is relatively easy to install with its mounting system. The unit is factory-filled with coolant in a closed loop. Just install the backplate, the standoff-screws, position the cooler and secure it. No 'advanced' skills are required other than the need for ten minutes to install the kit. The one thing a bit quirky is connecting the many cables and clear your PC of that wiring spaghetti.

Final words

The Eisbaer Aurora 360 is a product series that we certainly appreciate. It's a good performing kit, and for the money, you get quite a bit of it. Performance is good, albeit tweaked the fan RPM and acoustics can rise fast.  Here you need to find your sweet spot, and it is also where 360mm helps (more capacity allows for lower fan RPM). Tweaked right, this unit can become completely silent. The looks are great and the RGB (addressable) system is impressive. Alphacool delivers everything you need to get going including a very fun RGB controller with lots of colors and animation. Of course, you can sync it up towards a compatible motherboard (5V aRGB) as well, please do check the website for compatibility. The cooler fits it all from Intel and AMD. This kit as such is whole-heartedly recommended by You can expect availability/delivery to customers starting 6.2.2020

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