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SSD Performance Video Capture

SSD Performance Video Capture

If there is one type of job that may be extremely taxing on any storage unit, it has to be video capture. Here we apply a 5K capture workload and the test + log continuous writing towards the storage unit are both simulated in this experiment. The test is 64 GB in size and will reveal any TLC/QLC write holes that an SSD may have, provided that the SSD has a capacity more than 64 GB. Essentially, we're sending 5K frames to storage and requesting that it write and read as quickly as possible.


This 64GB file read test (readback of fame content) shows great results. You can see the peak read performance logged at ~3700 MB/sec. 


After that, we write 64GB of data. Any TLC/QLC write holes (the point at which your SSD runs out of buffers) will be exposed in this section of the configuration. Four actively used controller channels, pSLC, and a host system buffer are capable of resolving the problem. It appears that the caches are maintaining a healthy balance with the write load. In addition, please do not underestimate the amount of work we put in here at the SSD. This workload would be best described as a creator workload.

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