ADATA S511 series 60GB SSD review

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SSD Performance AS SSD Benchmark


AS SSD Benchmark

Added to the benchmark suite is this nice little German application called AS SSD Benchmark. This test gives an extensive result set. The test is popular, but probably not the best one out there. So just for reference, here we go.

ADATA S511 Series SSD

ADATA S511 Series SSD

Nothing much to compare to however we notice a rather low write performance score.

Compression benchmark

ADATA S511 Series SSD

Above ADATA S511 60GB

This test creates test patterns on the target drive which are random and vary in the level of compression used in the test data. This ranges from 0% compressible to 100% compressible.


Above Corsair Force 3

This test is ideal for SandForce based drives, as it will show the applicable performance at different levels of compression already applied to the test data.


Above Corsair Force 100

As a reference, here is a first generation Corsair Force 100 with SF-1200 controller, excellent perf there on SATA2 of course as well.

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