Six new games Announced with NVIDIA RTX Support

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Come on Unreal tournament 2004.
What an underwhelming list.

What an underwhelming list.
Totally worth the $$$ investment for a ray tracing product.

Totally worth the $$$ investment for a ray tracing product.
I literally heard none of these games and have no interest in minecraft. It would be better to add the effect to older classics like @Petr V said.
Meh, who cares. It's also very likely that any near-future games will not be able to enable RTX on current cards without dropping frame-rate to unplayable. Leather Jacket is experimenting stuff with our money. I've totally skipped Turding and waiting to see what next-gen RTX has to offer, maybe it can bring performance with RTX enabled to something that is playable on a modern 1440p or 4K monitor. Will still remain an Nvidia fan for certain reasons, but also only buying something that makes sense financially, like my current GTX 1080 did.
Minecraft RTX was announced at E3 or Gamescom, wasn't it? Remaining 5 games are those that no one cares about, at least not here in the west. Maybe they are popular in China or elsewhere in Asia, don't know.
To each his own...but personally nothing here will make me upgrade my 1080ti to an RTX card, and two decade ago, I bought day one a GeForce 256 (first HW T&L) & a GeForce 3 (first pixel & vertex shader)
Oh joy.. BTW Warthunder is changing something in engine, and will support some RTX or HDR, do not remember, but will work on any HW.

What an underwhelming list.
I have to agree.
Never heard of em.
Is there even anyone left who cares about the RTX hype? I don't think I've seen anyone advocating for it in the last 12 months...
Rtx is a gimmick... very demanding hardware wise, for very small visual gains - slightly better looking reflections OR (not and, cause that would completely destroy performance) slightly better looking shadows, which totally tanks the performance... it is only supported by one vendor, and it is barely supported by any games... it has every resemblence of a gimmick, and it will die like other gimmicks before it, such as physx. I bet that 99% of all gamers would take 30% better rasterization performance and no rtx, over having crappy rtx... every day of the week.
I quite like the look of that F.I.S.T. game, it feels a little bit old school for the game play elements and combined with unusual and interesting/strange/imaginative/good graphics. I might keep an eye on that.
every gamer would buy a GTX 2080TI if it was available. Blessed how could buy the 1080TI at day 0 for 699.

every gamer would buy a GTX 2080TI if it was available. Blessed how could buy the 1080TI at day 0 for 699.
Eh, no they wouldn't... as i am a part of "every gamer", and i sure as fack wouldn't.
i just want raytracing to be a standard feature not a gimmick on a few games that only get press because of it, after trying it for a while it is quite hard not getting annoyed at how bad faked lightning effects are in most games, everything looks flat and like its floating around
A very underwhelming list. I would rather see this on older titles like; Alien: Isolation, Deus-Ex games, Unreal games, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars - Knights of the old Republic - Sith Lords. I thought they employed teams to implement RTX in older titles?

it has every resemblence of a gimmick, and it will die like other gimmicks before it.
Ray Tracing is not a gimmick, although its use in some games right now might be, but given enough time and faster hardware, every game will render exclusively using Ray Tracing, not because it looks slightly better, but also because its significantly easier to design. The graphics engine will automatically calculate any lighting and shadows for you, and the designers don't need to bother with fake lights and fake shadows like they do now - at great time investment. Certainly, it'll take faster hardware and then some time for it to be adopted by enough users, but it will happen. There is a reason that eg. the next XBox is also throwing around Ray Tracing as a prime new feature - based on next-gen AMD hardware. And Intel has also talked about Ray Tracing in their upcoming dedicated GPU architecture. Anyone that understands computer 3D rendering will agree that Ray Tracing is the holy grail of rendering, and once we can achieve that for the full scene in realtime (and not just a few small sections like shadows), this will be a good day. The "rasterization" rendering we currently use is not particularly brilliant, its a crutch because GPUs haven't been fast enough for other methods - but as they get faster, it'll eventually get replaced.
Ray tracing in gaming will continue to grow. However if you know of any companies involved in selling, developing ray tracing technology buy that stock. Usage of ray tracing in rendering globally, not just gaming, is predicted to increase 400 percent by 2023. If Nvidia,or Amd produce a ray tracing gpu for a more sensible price you would have many more converts. But reflections in water puddles and sun rays in a dusty room for $1100 is just not for me.
Only games so far that is worth is metro exodus and control but performance tanks so much that even 500$ 2070 super becomes useless, of thats not a gimmick i dont know what is.