MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC Motherboard Review

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Alright, this is the board to go for for Tri-SLI, as it allows all three cards a bit of breathing room with one slot free between them. The others are out, as they would force sandwiching the cards.
According to these lines from the review, it doesn't say that you can do that: I agree with you, I would want Tri-CrossfireX at x16 / x0 / x16 / x0 / x8 But none of the listed configurations above use that third PCI-E slot. Does anyone know if you can do x16 / x0 / x16 / x0 / x8 on this board?
Dang, you're right. Oh well, then NONE of the manufacturers got it right.
Hello Hilbert. I was wondering if you are considering reviewing the X99S X-Power AC motherboard ?! 🙂 Thanks.
Yes ! The review is ready and will be posted upcoming week.