MSI Gaming Desktop with 13th Gen Intel Core Processor

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announced memory configuration : 4x DDR5 4400Mhz (Z690 motherboard) quotes from videocardz comment section : - DDR5, turtle edition - Damn. DDR4 would have been better. Jesus Msi. - DDR5 4400 LMAO. What a nice way to handicap the system. - What the hell is this 4400 memory? JEDEC is 4800.. - Extremely strange that they went with below JEDEC standard. What is the point of such a fast processor handicapped by this memory? Probably performs like a 12600K using this RAM. - 4400 DDR5? - Sounds good... except the slow 4400 memory. That's DDR4 speed, no highend ultra-expensive 13900K build should have 4400 MHz DDR5. - Top bin 4400 DDR4 could've performed nicely, but at DDR5 latencies this will be a terrible combo. 😀 What are they smoking. do I make an account to explain to them 4 DIMMs Intel Z690 are a scam ? that it never worked and never will ? that reviewers all failed to disclose that fact to them ? failed to check motherboard manufacturers memory QVL and notice the suspicious absence of 4 dimms support ? failed to disclose they tried 4 dimms and it didn't work ? will this finally raise the scandal it deserves ? I highly doubt it I'm not surprised and in fact I "told you so" for all of 2022 that 4 dimms were either completely unsupported or at really slow speeds if they believe they will be able to run 4x 6600Mhz because builzoid one of the top extreme memory overclockers of the world managed to do it they will be very disappointed