Middle-earth: Shadow of War Demo Available

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Hmm might as well check it out.
I was just saying to someone, in reference to the Hitman summer pack, that I miss being able to demo a game before buyingy it. I think the last demo I played was for Bioshock and it was so immediately engaging that I ran out to buy the game without second thought. There's also the added bonus of getting to see how the game runs on your system, there's nothing worse than when your system is at the end of it's life and you get a game only to find it barely runs; I had to put off finishing the first Witcher for years because of that.
Why now that the loot boxes have been removed and not before? hmmmmmmm..
Starving for that Good PR after messing up the game launch...
Tried it on ps4 and it was the fort siege thing (apparently the d/l is smaller too?). I was hoping for the first hour of story or whatever. I found it to be tedious to play directly, bad choice imho. Should've removed denuvo too. Base game was cracked a long time ago anyway.