Win a Palit GeForce GTX 770 JetStream graphics card

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Not sure what thread the competition page is talking about, but I have liked and commented on the Facebook link. (Holds thumbs)
I hope this is the correct thread to comment on Palit contest. All the mission is accomplised to qualify as the winner 🙂
Completed all the tasks for the competition.
I just liked and commented on the Facebook link. As i said there i really do need this to replace my ancient GS 8400.
liked ofcourse 🙂 I could greatly appreciate this card having had a gtx480 and gtx570 crap out on me just out of warranty, and now my gamer heart is broken to have my i7 capped by it's internal GPU while I'm trying to save up for this diamond of a card.
I just liked and commented on the facebook link (FB username: Zeroth Glacius). Like I stated in the facebook link, in my country, getting factory OC cards with fancy cooling systems like JetStream is something of a rarity (the closest we get is MSI's Twin Frozr and that too doesn't have much of a stock here). We generally have to settle for vanilla reference cards or stock OC cards with a standard cooling system. I would really appreciate it if I got one of these factory OC babies with great cooling system, and of course Palit is a brand I know very well to be high quality and reliable. 🙂
Why do I need this card... hmmm: Because it would beat my Radeon 5870 so badly... ...and when my card reaches 70°C it sounds like a starting jet. Ohh I'm unworthy all mighty graphics god!
Its sad in a way the only reason I have to join facebook is competitions like this. I wonder why sites run competitions on facebook giving add revenue to a different and competing site sounds odd to me. Nice competition but I still wont be joining facebook Congratulations to who ever wins 🙂
Liked, liked, and commented. Now all I can do is hold all my thumbs. This upgrade really would come in handy, one doesn't want to fall behind too much in PC power. 😯c:
liked and stuff, good luck to everyone! would be nice to win this so i can game in style 😛
Good luck people. :P Lets hope winner will be someone who really needs it.
Planning on building a new PC and would love to get this beast of a card so I can spend more money on watercooling and case mods to fit everything in. Good luck to everyone 🙂
thx Guru3D your the best.......:)
I would actually like to send this card to my friend for his first PC build, would be a nice surprise upgrade for him, considering the card I'm going to be sending him is an old HD5830 when he finally scrapes enough money together for a case and psu.
Don't use nor plan on using Facebook!
For those that refuse to use facebook, leave a witty comment in this thread and I'll make sure you guys are eligible for the competition as well.
I can sure use that 680 with 7ghz standard memory in my back up rig
Liked and commented. As i said, will need the card the force me to replace my 5 year old psu. Nice upgrade, will use my GTX660 as physx!
Hello, Congrats for the competition, well done. I don´t have facebook so i´ll leave a witty comment here, I wish to participate. Best of luck to everyone. ps: I´m Chuck Norris.
Well I don't have facebook either... My AC broke down so with a bit of breeze and those three JetStream fans jury rigged to an ice cube tray, I could cool my whole house down.