Guru3D Contest 2014 - Win a GSKILL 16GB Ripjaws DDR4 3000 MHz kit

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Got It..Again Thanx Hilbert.. 🙂 Btw in listed articles Corsair H105 review is repeated..
Wow, It was easy, probably because the new set of article has lesser pages to browse around.Hoping I at least get one of them. Again thanks a lot Hilbert for the great competition.
Good luck to all ! I will not enter as I don't have what to do with a DDR4 kit set .
Same here IchimA. To me it seems just unfair to enter a comp where I can't use the prize.
entered :banana:
i´m in all contests 🙂 Thank you
DDR4 Ram is expensive, so although i can't use it right now it will mean upgrading to X99 will be a lot cheaper if you won this ram. I never entered any of the GFX card contests this time because i want to give people a chance. 🙂--- Happy New Year people, hope you have a good one.
I know that I will save on ram if I win , but I usually am a late upgrader , second or third generation .... so , by that time I will earn my money ! It just seams unfair to enter / win ... and then sell the item ! Thanks HH for all this ! One more day in 2014 ! ! ! ...
I decided to check how much this beauty cost here: US$1700 (R$4300). I love this country. And I just discovered that my processor doesn't support it, wtf. Can I cancel my entry? Don't want to win to sell it.
hilb, youre CRAZY! lol 3k$+ in are the santa >_>
Lol. Found this one in an unlikely place. Also found the OCZ SSD one while looking for it! Fun stuff 🙂