Guru3D 2021 December 29th: Win an ECS LIVA Q1D Mini PC (!)

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Hey All, thanks once again for the opportunity to participate in these fun contests. Good Luck everyone and well done HH! 😉
Cool media device! The Asus CLAYMORE II would be a cool prize for next year - the detachable numpad and physical volume options are nice.
Thanks for another grate prize G3D, p.s. this is was to easy ! Good luck to all boys and girls !

p.s. this is was to easy !
a bit tricky, but indeed easy 😉
Nice one. 😀 Thx for contest H.
Thank You Guru3d 🙂:):). Wouldnt mind a mini PC for the TV lounge, as we were thinking it was time to upgrade the TV but a mini PC could fill that spot, and save a few pounds.:)
most tricky
Thanks for the contest. This would be great as a media server or an emulation machine for me. I could at least get my media share off my main pc lol
Thanks! It wasn't hard this time except one little caveat ;P
Found it but it´s very well hidden. Anyway, i´m going to skip this because i have little use for it, so good luck for everyone else!
Would would you do with one of these?