GeekBench shows Core i7-11700K benchmark results

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To me this benchmark looks highly misleading. The only reason why the 11700K performed so well in ST, compared to the other CPUs, is because of its crypto score with AES-XTS. While it is true that on a single core the 11700K score is 9GB/sec, and on an AMD 5950X core the same crypto benchmark performs roughly 6GB/sec, it should be noted that the maximum for the same score on both CPUs in MT all-cores is roughly 14GB/sec . This is because encryption/decryption processes are mainly limited by the RAM speed and bandwidth, independently from the actual number of cores that, as of today, can already easily fill the available RAM bandwidth. Given that the modern crypto workloads (wifi connections, https connections, encrypted storage...) are already highly parallelized on all available cores, and rarely need GB/sec performances for encryption/decryption processing anyway, the actual advantage of an 11700K compared to the other CPUs that are already available is practically non-existent even on encrypted data flows. And an 11700K core, without that AES-XTS crypto score, is even slower on average than a today's 5950X core clock for clock.
Geekbench...Intel now playing Apple's game. Always the great benchmark. Both Apple and Intel using it to show how much superior each of their hardware to be and the top ranking spaces on geekbench 5 all look like AMD hackintoshes
Didn't intel double the boost clock duration to double ? So with adequate cooling even on the exact same architecture there will be an improvement on the scores ... question remains how much those longer boosts account for the improvement.
This news can be read multible places, some of them list the 11700K running at 5 GHz allcore during the test. If that is true we are probably looking at a overclocked CPU result, because a 10700K boosts to 4700 MHz and 4300 after the boost time runs out. I dont think Intel ever has had a jump that high between generations the last 10 years, so i am a little skeptical of the validity of this leak.
ahh the putrid smell of complacency. said as i;m writing this on a coffee lake lappy 😱:p seriously tho' as the Paris Accords begin to bite, who on earth will want this with half the cores and 1/4 the threads of a cpu that's over 30% more energy efficient? this point is underlined with data centers and cloud storage going with Epyc and ARM based solutions in a big way and accelerating as they are and will be the first targets for enforcement.

It is faster than 5800x and was registered in ashes bench too. All core is just 4.6GHz for this chip. There is also a faster version 11900k with 5.3GHz boost which is supposed to trash the 5800x at same price. Makes me wonder how great AMD marketing is since Intel can still pull off much better performing chips on this process. And don't give me power consumption bshit, I saw a ryzen 5800 and it's on par with Intel 8/16 unless you go mad on OC.
Hehe. I pity you, really. 😀 You believe Intels words after the past months and years? You believe they can perform that performance leap after proving gen by gen they can do some % only? 😀 Shame on you, really. Yeyeye, that's why every review says all Ryzen products have much better efficiency.
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