Codemasters F1 24 will include NVIDIA DLSS 3 and AI Improvements

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Codemasters is set to release F1 24 on May 31, 2024, incorporating several technological advancements, including NVIDIA's DLSS 3 technology and significant enhancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Senior Creative Director Lee Mather and Senior Producer Simon Lumb provided insights into the new features and optimizations in this upcoming racing game. The game will utilize NVIDIA DLSS 3, integrating Frame Generation to boost performance. This technology is designed to enhance frame rates, particularly benefiting players with GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs, by generating intermediate frames that increase smoothness and responsiveness in gameplay. In contrast to previous versions, F1 24 will not include Shader Execution Reordering (SER). This feature was initially integrated to improve Ray Tracing performance in game engines. However, it was found to be redundant in F1 23 due to the EGO engine's inherent optimization for Ray Tracing tasks, leading to its removal to streamline the game’s user interface and overall performance.

AI in F1 24 has undergone extensive development, reflecting significant changes in game physics and car setups. The enhanced AI is designed to provide a more realistic and competitive racing experience, evident in improved braking and corner-exiting maneuvers and more aggressive space navigation by AI drivers during races. Further AI improvements include refined management of the updated Energy Recovery System (ERS), which now plays a critical role in how players and AI competitors strategize their attacks and defenses during races. This system’s management by AI promises to bring a new level of tactical depth to the gameplay.

Peripheral support in F1 24 has also been updated. The game supports numerous monitor setups as allowed by the VRAM capacity, although with some limitations in multi-monitor configurations. For example, when using three monitors, the side monitors will display a more stretched image compared to the center. The user interface will remain rendered in a 16:9 aspect ratio, visible only on the central monitor. Codemasters expressed ongoing evaluations to optimize support for such configurations to enhance player immersion in the simulation.

Additionally, F1 24 will be compatible with the Velocity One steering wheel by Turtle Beach, this in addition to all the previously supported steering wheels.

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