Noctua Launches Home Series Desktop Fans with 120mm Model Priced at $99

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Noctua has launched a new product line called "Home," which is tailored for indoor applications. This line initially offers two different sets of fans along with a variety of accessories that facilitate the use of Noctua fans in different settings. The highlight of the series is the NV-FS1 set, which includes a 120mm desktop fan priced at approximately $99. The Home series comprises two main sets. The first set is designed for use on desktops or within rooms, and the second is geared towards cooling specific electronic devices. Both sets are available with a range of accessories, which Noctua has confirmed will also be sold separately for added convenience. The desktop-oriented set features the NF-A12x25 fan, known for its efficiency and quiet operation. It comes with a versatile stand that can be tilted and placed on desks, tables, or mounted on walls, ceilings, furniture, or other surfaces as suggested by Noctua. Additionally, this set includes an airflow amplifier that attaches to the fan to boost its air-moving capabilities.

The second set, intended for cooling devices, is simpler and more focused. It includes a gasket to ensure a snug fit on devices like AV receivers, game consoles, stereo equipment, routers, or external storage drives, preventing air leakage but does not come with a stand or airflow amplifier. Both sets are packaged with several essential accessories: a power supply with a suitable adapter, a fan controller to adjust speeds as needed, a one-meter extension cable, and an adapter cable. They also include a fan grill to protect users from the fan blades during operation.


Pricing for these sets varies; the home use set costs about $99, while the device cooling set is priced at approximately $80). For those looking to customize their setup further, Noctua also offers individual accessories. For example, the tiltable stand is available for about $40, and the airflow amplifier for roughly $15.


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