Galaxy Note 7 smartphone renders surface

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A curved edge... what a disappointment. Oh well, not like it'll be anything except (literally) $1000 here, so $1130 with taxes. I'll see if I can order a Zenfone 3 Ultra or something, not flagship specs but it's hard to top a 6.8" screen. That and I really dislike AMOLED, due to the constant fear of burn-in and pseudo-resolution causing way more than necessary resources to be used. Not being able to leave a static screen so I can prolong my phone's life sucks. Ever seen a demo model of any AMOLED phone? Horrible burn in. That includes the the S7 and S7E.
Our eyes would get "burn-in" too, if it was possible to leave them open for prolonged period of time. That's why we shut them. 😀
I've seen Nexus 6 and 6Ps get burn-in on the top bar within 1 month of use. That would annoy the crap out of me. Samsung keeps their best samples for their own phones though so you'd hope they won't burn in as easily. So far whatever I got on my S5 is not noticeable if it's there, but I've been very careful to never have the screen static over the entire 2 years I've had it. I want to NOT have to do that.
When would this burn in actually affect you though? retail demos get burn in because they show the same thing every day, all day, especially after customers adjust timeouts, or the ones that have the burn in "samsung" for example in the middle of the screen - this is usually when a retail model has a fault and its looping..and therefore since it loops while its booting the samsung logo gets burnt in, again this won't be a problem for you under normal use. Even for the grannies that take 4-6 hours to write a text message there's no real excuse for your screen to get burn under normal use - the screen should time out and go to sleep after a minute or two of inactivity and if you're staring at your phone for several hours on end without scrolling or tabbing, you're doing it wrong. Also, with marshmellow the top bar is transparent now and your icons are grey to minimize the possibility of burn in anyway.
I'm well aware. But those Nexuses I mentioned got burn-in with standard use in under 30 days. All it takes is bad luck and you get a crappy panel. Samsung, which I've dealt with extensively, sure as hell won't replace it either if you bought a device from them. The rumour goes that they keep the A quality panels for themselves and sell only their reject panels. I haven't confirmed that though. For now I'm using Cyanogen 13, basically close to stock Android 6.0.1. So all the info at the top is white, meaning all subpixel colours are on for maximum burn-in compared to surrounding pixels.