Galaxy Note 7 smartphone renders surface

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Renders appeared online of what looks to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The device has curved edges on the screen renders and virtually no bezels on the sides. The renders shows a USB port Type C as well.

The USB-C port on the Galaxy Note 7 would be different from the Galaxy S7 series, which features micro-USB. Moreover, it would make the Note 7 not compatible with the current Gear VR headset for virtual reality. Which has a micro-USB connector in the housing.

The renders, appeared at OnLeaks @ Twitter and show a slot for a stylus. Last year, Samsung released a Galaxy Note flat 5, while it also issued a large phone without a stylus, the Galaxy S6 Edge +. It nevere reached most EU markets though.

The dimensions of the 7 according to the renders are 15,35x73,9mm. This brings the bezels on the sides of about 1.2mm per side, less than any other smartphone too. Based on the dimensions and renders the screen comes out at around 5.75. " The resolution is unknown, but previous rumors point to an OLED display with rgb format and resolution of 2560x1440 pixels.

The renders do not seem to show the dual camera based on a previous rumor. Well see, there are two additional sensors on the front, it may be that the Note 7 there has to sit an iris scanner. Samsung, according to recent rumors skip the name and Note 6 to call the appliance Note 7 to align the numbering of Note series with that of the Galaxy S line. That is not the case, because the smart phone maker Note the first one and a half year after the first released Galaxy S, at a time when the S II had already been on the market. Samsung likely announces the Note 7 in August.

Galaxy Note 7 smartphone renders surface

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