Download Nvidia GeForce 352.63 Windows 10 pre-release driver

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Work on 8.1 too? Getting horrendously slow speeds from those nVidia links, like 100kB/s
Work on 8.1 too? Getting horrendously slow speeds from those nVidia links, like 100kB/s
na just you. I downloaded in less then 1 minute. edit: system froze with black screen with mouse when driver was installer. trying again....
@Extraordinary, Only Windows 10TP @dsbig, Which TP version? Did you first uninstall the previous driver or over "reinstallation" ?
Work on 8.1 too?
probally NO! inf have only w10 strings
Im using windows 10 10074 build here. clean install. when running the nvidia installer. stupid start menu keeps opening by it self when the installer is installing the drivers. I think maybe thats why my system froze the first time. edit: download link gives 352.63 and driver is WDDM 2.0 but dx says doesnt support dx 12 also I dont have any options to change color format I been testing older opengl games. having a problem because that start menu keeps opening when the games start.
Must be something up with my connection, getting full speed for 10 seconds, then drops to Kb/s - pause and resume goes back to full speed for a short time, rinse and repeat
Every driver thread the same. Some people (most) have crappy Speed from nvidia servers, some have good, mostly full speed. Its just ridiculous.
I don't normally have any issues with driver downloads, or any downloads really, so when something weird happens like this, I notice it straight away Got the driver anyway
I have always problems with nvidia servers dl speed and i dunno why, really...also doesnt matter if uk.nvidia.. de.nvidia or whatever. I need to dl with a dl-manager for example with 40 threads to get almost full speed. Another ridiculous thing and im pretty sure the problem is not on my end - also when so many people reported the same.
couldnt find the output color format, but then later found it.. with these drivers. it located in change resolutions tab.
Finally new driver, wait what no dx12!? wtf!?
You guys need to use IDM
No thanks. I use Free download manager wich is just as good for free. I did use IDM for a few years but then found Free Download Manager.
I have only Stereoscopic3d options in NvControlpanel on win10 tp10041. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times the drivers and also updated them manually >.< EDIT: updated to win10 10074 and now it's working fine!
would this be a driver issue or microsoft issue the start menu keeps popping when running opengl games. I even installed start10 and it stopped some of the problems with it. but it still shows on the desktop when running the games. it does it with the evil within as well. and caused the game to crash the stupid thing is pissing me off.:bang:
Start menu is popping up randomly for quite a few people, myself included I hate that they have forced tablets to enter tablet mode on every single boot regardless of setting it to desktop mode before shutting down
Has anyone with Fermi checked if WDDM 2.0 is supported yet?
Guys, Microsoft's BUILD 2015 starts today, so it's very likely a new Windows 10 build will be released. These drivers are likely intended to be used with that build.
think 10074 was the build planned for release. also I disabled shell experience host, so no more start menu popping up. but then things like notifications dont work. but I wasnt using it anyway. other then that this drivers are working good so far DSR and SLI is working.
nvm, it doesnt work..