Criminals give away universal unlock key for TeslaCrypt-ransomware

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Or they probably got something else going already. Don't see them doing it out of an act of charity or good will.
Would be amusing if this was a new trojan though.
Naah, these kinds of people never stop doing something that works because they've got another idea, more likely there was some internal strife over money and one or more of them decided to screw the others over. Or maybe people learned how to securely back up their data ... haha, no, couldn't keep a straight face there.
They are sorry? They going to refund everyone they have scammed up until then? Or because they are now super rich they don't want anyone to come looking for them and lock them up / take their money from them? Scumbags
Yep. Pretty sure it was not out of the goodness of their hearts. Transferring money to them does put them at risk. No matter how well they over their tracks, theres always the element of the unknown which would make them uncomfortable to carry on.
I'm pretty sure Eset paid for the key but they would never admit to it. It's not a crime to sell an encryption key.
Or they probably got something else going already.
...hired by Denuvo.
I'm certain that is true, first company to push out definitions for a new breed of malware becomes popular, even if the same company are the ones who released the malware in the first place Where I used to live, a nice quiet village, but on the weekend shop windows along the high street used to get smashed, and there was only one glazing company in the village, guess who broke the windows
Same thing happened in my small town years ago too. Only one little Tyre company was going out of business until one night when hundreds of Tyre's where punctured by vandals or kids as the police put it. Plus it's like cheating in computer games like say aimbots and wallhacks, it's only possible to use an aimbot because it's built into the game already. Cheaters just need to activate them.
Well good on Eset, tried them 4 months after Windows 10 came out, worse than Kaspersky and broke basic features in the OS.