Cooler Master Announces COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition Case

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Pretty much all my cases for the last ~10 years were from CM, however I never got to put out enough $ for a case to get a COSMOS. I always regarded it as the top of the top when it came to cases. Not sure where it stands now, but I am sure however that they don't make new cases this huge anymore. But hey, we got an old school case with tempered glass (and likely with RGB hardware inside), welcome to 2017 COSMOS! :P
Way more than I could justify for a tower. Still though, pretty darn snazzy looking 🤓.
Always liked the HAF series, using one even today. Cosmos is beastly looking. All that space come in handy.
I have a HAF 932 model but I always wanted the Cosmos II ( never had the money ) The case shown today is grate but is missing two things : 1. All black case 2. Some back mounting for at least 2 SSD Maybe the normal Cosmos II will get a sale now ! 😀 Fingers crossed Thank you HH for this review and CM for making this baby
Thanks for the review Hilbert "yours truly "Hagedoorn. Gosh what a looker. 🙂 Too bad its so expensive and such a beast.
Plain bare metal motherboard tray.... no thanks. Disk Drives in 2017.... no thanks. Who needs this much hard drive space? Unless you are targeting this at being an over grown NAS then its pretty much useless for 99% of people who will more than likely have a few HDD's an SSD or an NVMe drive.
I really like the COSMOS II case. I've got the original. The only thing I wish they would do is to design it slightly different so you can fit a decent high end rad intro the case at the top without modding required.
Dunno how much they've improved but my original cosmos is pretty meh, looks nice i guess. What i do know is the next time i choose to buy a case it won't be for the looks again :P
Thanks Hilbert, Still running my original Cosmos S. I am quite disappointment that they did not include the Cosmos protective bag for this edition. I still use my bag to transport and protect items all the time.
Show off :P
Don't bother with this case. I had a cosmos 2 and it's way too big, poor functionality for H20 purposes, did I mention way too big and heavy? It weighed 100 pounds with my setup and H20. Imagine carrying that down a few flight of stairs to dust it out..
I, too, used to have the Cosmos II, and yes, it was INSANELY heavy. Even WITHOUT water cooling gear, it was a bit much. Just to put it into perspective... When i had mine, i got tired of trying to carry it around, even just in my room, when i needed to do something with the internals of it. So, since i have wood floors in my room, I bought a set of those furniture sliders with the hard plastic base under a small foam pad to rest whatever you might want to put it on. When i eventually sold my entire rig to a friend of mine (since i switched to an ITX setup), and took it off those sliders.... not only was the foam pad completely compressed flat where the little rubber feet and the metal bars were.... but the hard plastic was also cracked down the middle. I do miss the size of the case... as you could practically wear boxing gloves and STILL have ample room to get your hands wherever they needed to be... but the weight was just a killer.
Show off :P
With pride!
I love my Cosmos 2 This case is clearly made for people that love big stuff.If you are a tiny p...y dont even look at this beauty :banana: